June 2009 – Cantaloupe Pie

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Yes, that’s right. Cantaloupe. Baked. In a pie.


Welcome Summer! It has been a lovely sunny June here in
Germany and I’ve been scarfing down melons of all sorts.
This reminded me of a couple of melon-related recipes I had
buried somewhere in this huge pile of “potmc potentials” and
voila! Here you go… summer fruit treat #1:
Cantaloupe pie. Now… I must confess that this pie actually sounds really yukky to me.
Cooking a cantaloupe seems so, so… wrong. Like baking a cucumber
(I now expect to get all kinds of letters from y’all telling me how great baked cucumbers
are… to that I just say “eeew”).
Surely, the whole point of melon is that it is cold and it is sweet and it is thrist-quenchingly juicy… so this recipe strikes me as totally missing the point.
Nonetheless, I have purchased a ripe juicy cantaloupe (called various things in German:
die Warzenmelone (literally a wart-melon),  Netzmelone
(net-melon), Buttermelone (i’ll let you figure out that
translation on your own), or sometimes Cantaloup-Melone)
and I plan to try it out this week… you should try it too:
Cantaloupe Pie
9”  pre-baked crust
1/4 C flour
3 eggs, separated
3/4 C sugar
2 TB butter
6 TB sugar + 1/2 tsp vanilla for meringue
1 large, VERY RIPE cantaloupe or muskmelon (swear to me that you won’t try to make this with a hard, cucumber-tasting melon. swear!) In a medium saucepan mix half the sugar with melon and cook until melon is tender and mash-able. Mash the melon to a lumpy pulp. Mix flour with remaining sugar, add beaten egg yolks and butter. Add to mashed melon and return to heat briefly until just starting to bubble.  Remove from heat. In a clean bowl beat egg whites until frothy. Add 6 TB sugar and vanilla and keep beating until stiff peaks form. Pour warm melon filling into pie shell. Cover completely with meringue, sealing to edges. Brown in oven (10-20 min at 325°F).
Cool. Cut. Eat.

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