Feb 2009 – Apple Rosewater Pie!

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rosewater apple pie

Greetings Pie of the Month Club members. Well February has been a particularly
eventful month. THe pie club lost one of its most devoted and long-time members this month -
one of my best friends Hanna Kolodziejski lost a long and brave fight against cancer on Feb 3.
POTMC old timers may remember Hanna’s face even graced the July 2006 pie card – Montgomery Pie!
Hanna lost her mother Kate just a few years ago, and many of the amazing pie recipes that have appeared
on pie cards over the years were found in old community cookbooks that Hanna’s mom Kate had
collected. This month is no exception! I was honored to be allowed to inherit a big stack of these
old cookbooks as a keepsake of Hanna and Kate.
This month also marked a big birthday for me, and to celebrate I met two other potmc old-timers James Bell and Susan Chamberlain in Istanbul for a week long birthday bash. Then, just to teach me a lesson about not acting my age, the fates dealt me the pneumonia card and I got to spend the rest of the month shivering in bed coughing and aching. Respiratory illness is not a good topic for a pie recipe, but paying tribute to
Hanna and throwing in a bit of Ottoman-era Turkish flavour is! Here’s the perfect thing. From an old Shaker recipe from Enfield
CT (only about 10 min from where Hanna grew up in Mass), but tasting of Lokum (aka Turkish Delight) it’s the amazing:

Apple and Rosewater Pie!

preheat oven to 350°F, prepare pastry for a two-crust
8-inch pie
3 C peeled, sliced baking apples
2/3 C maple sugar (ok to use white sugar instead)
1 TB heavy cream + 1 TB rosewater (mix together)
Line pie dish with pastry, chill. Meanwhile, toss apples in bowl with sugar, cream, and rosewater, stir well to make sure rose water is distributed evenly. Spoon apple mix into crust and pie dish and top with crust into which a few small vents have been cut for steam to escape (or do a lattice top) Pinch/flute the edges well to keep juice from escaping. Bake ~ 50 minutes.

in memory of Hanna K:
Johanna Kolodziejski

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