June – Foolish Pie!

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 Hello Hello. Back again with the May pie of the month, for those of you keeping track. If you remember
back to last month’s pie card (Forgotten Pie), you may recall that this month’s recipe
is a follow-up recipe. The weird thing is that I can’t actually figure out how
these two recipes are historically linked. They appear on the same page of an old
community cookbook from Mississippi, but are contributions from two different women.
The two recipes don’t reference each other, but nonetheless, I am convinced they
were intended to go together.
This recipe came from a Mrs. Robert Neill , and it starts out with a 9 inch baked meringue crust (for example, you can use the recipe for Forgotten
pie). While the origin of the name “forgotten pie” was fairly obvious, I can’t for the
life of me understand why this pie has the name Foolish Pie?
is it because anyone who thinks a pie made with maraschino cherries
must be a fool? (apologies to the maraschino fans out there)
or is it that Mrs Robert Neill had some inside joke about the
recipe that we may never know? Has anyone in the club
ever heard of this pie recipe before? Pie club historians and
librarians! Help us out here… why Foolish? Was it perhaps
that the inventor of the pie had built her or his house upon
the sand???
Foolish Pie
9″ meringue baked in pie plate
pineapple rings
banana slices
grated coconut
chopped maraschino cherries
chopped nuts
whipped cream.Layer pineapple rings and sliced bananas into the cooled meringue crust. Sprinkle heavily with coconut. Top with whipped cream and then sprinkle with cherries and nuts.


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