The Pie Expert's Handy Dandy Guide to Freezing and Storing Pie

Hello. So many questions about freezing and storing pies!
Well... Never fear! The Pie Expert will answer all your questions!!

type of pie
can i freeze un-baked?
can i freeze already baked?
double crust fruit
(apple, peach, berry, cherry, etc)
5-7 days in fridge
bake 45 - 70 min at 375°F on lowest rack, until middle is bubbling
bake at 375°F 20-30 min until warmed through
custard pies
(custard, pumpkin, pecan, anything with egg-based baked filling)
5-7 days in fridge (chess & pecan ok at room temp 2-3 days)
bake at 375°F 20-35 min until warmed through

cream pies, no meringue
(coconut cream, etc. anything where you cook the filling on the stove-top and pour in a prebaked crust)

2-4 days in fridge (but your crust will get pretty soggy)

thaw in fridge until ready to serve

meringue-topped pies
eat the same day.
but you CAN freeze the filling without the meringue.
reheat at 325°F until filling is just warmer than room temperature, then apply meringue while filling is warm and proceed with directions in recipe.
chiffon pies
2-5 days in fridge

thaw in fridge until ready to serve. Warning: they will be a little tougher than if you ate/served them fresh. But you can do it in a pinch.

Here are more details, if you still need them:

Many pies may be frozen either baked or unbaked. However, the best results are typically obtained by freezing the crust and filling separately.

Crust can be frozen either rolled or unrolled. Wrap well, don’t freeze longer than 4 months. Some old cookbooks say you could freeze, then pop out of the pie tins and stack them to save space and not have all your tins tied up. I haven’t tried this personally, I would worry that my freezer is too crowded to be safe for storing crusts without the protection of the crust… but go ahead and try it if you have space.

Double crust fruit pies: Freeze best already baked, but can also be frozen unbaked
Bake, cool then stick, unwrapped, in the freezer just until frozen solid… then wrap tightly with several layers or a nice thick freezer bag and it will store for 2-4 months. To serve a frozen, pre-baked fruit pie, unwrap it and thaw at room temp for an hour. Then stick it in an oven at 375°F on the lowest rack for 35 - 40 minutes or until warm throughout.

You can also freeze double crust fruit pies unbaked, if you follow a couple extra critical rules:

- Don’t cut the vents in the top crust (this will prevent the filling from drying out during it’s stint in the freezer).

- Increase the amount of thickening agent (cornstarch or tapioca etc) by 1 ½ times. This will make up for the extra runniness that results from freezing and thawing the uncooked fruit.

- Freeze the pie before wrapping it.

- When you are ready to bake, don’t unthaw first. Cut the vents carefully in the still frozen top crust, and bake at 425°F for 15 minutes, reduce temperature to 375°F and bake 30 to 45 minutes more… or until crust browns and filling is bubbling in the center.

You can freeze BAKED pecan, pumpkin, mince, chess pies and their relatives, but they won’t freeze well unbaked. They are best frozen no longer than 2 months.

Don’t even think about freezing cream pies or meringue topped pies. (sorry)

Chiffon pies freeze OK but will toughen up a little in the process. Again, freeze them first and then wrap tightly frozen. Just thaw in fridge and serve, don’t reheat.