Oh Sing a Song of Pumpkin Pies

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s an extra special bonus for you. A little Thanksgiving Mix to sweeten up your holidays.


Turkey Hop – The Hamptones
Be Thankful – Bunny Clarke & Lee Perry
Thank You Love – Bobbe Norris
Thankful – Larry Darnell
Thank You Baby – Leone Thomas
I’d Be Greatful – Brothers of Soul
Thank You – Magazine
Hot Cornbread and Butter – Roland Alphonso
Thank You Baby – Tee Fletcher
Sweet Potatoes & Collard Greens – Sweet Les
Thank You Baby – Billy Butler
For This I Thank You – Gino Parks
I’m Thankful – Billie Davis
I Thank You – Sam & Dave
I Thank You Baby – June & Donnie
Texas Turkey – Big Jay McNeely
Thank You John – Willie Dee
Mashed Potato Party – Link Wray
Gravy – Dee Dee Sharp
I Want to Thank You – The Fidels
Thank You Baby – Audrey Winters
Give Thanks and Praise – Prince Far I
Thank You for Sending Me an Angel – Talking Heads
Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie – Jay and The Techniques
Thanks A Lot – Johnny Cash
Thank You Baby – Matt Brown
I’m Thankful – Steve Alaimo
I Like Pie – Lee Morse
Turkey Walk – Barry Jones

King Phillip Came Over For Great Spaghetti

or…  the tree of life in all its glorious, taxonomically organized, splendour!
Settle in for a journey through time and space as we investigate LIFE itself with some rip-crackin’ tunes, and a little biology crammed in for extra flavour.
Part I – Domain Archea, Domain Bacteria, and part of the Domain Eukaryota (Protists, Plants and Fungi)

Homage to the Ancient Ones – R. Carlos Nakai
Strain of Bacteria – ShellyDevoto/Buzzkunst
Cholera – El Rego et ses Commandos
Green Slime – Richard Delvy
Amoeba – John Hegley and the Popticians
The Blob – The Five Blobs
Seaweed – Quincy Jones
Moss Garden – David Bowie
Sweet Fern – The Carter Family
Women’s Sago Song – Villagers of Yibru, Papua New Guinea
In the Pines – The Louvin Brothers
Jennifer Juniper – Donovan
Sweet Lotus Blossom – Julia Lee
Magnolia – The California Ramblers
Cinnamon – Tommy Roe
Salt & Pepper – Ronnie Summers
Grazin’ in the Grass – Friends of Distinction
Aloha ‘Ia ‘O Wai’anae – Agnes Malabey
Gingerbread – Frankie Avalon
Whispering Grass – The Ink Spots
Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations
Daisys Up Your Butterfly – The Cramps
Sunflower – The Skylarks with Russ Morgan
Venus Flytrap and the Bug – Stevie Wonder
Cactus – The Legendary Stardust Cowboy
New Rose – The Damned
Wine Wine Wine – Floyd Dixon
Fungus Among Us – Hugh Barret and the Victors
Penicillin – Johnny MacRae
Mushroom – Can
Mushroom Strut – The Fantastics
Hey Bartender There’s a Bug in my Beer – Gene Phillips

and… as promised, here is a great little film of some slime molds in action:

Repetition Rock Rock Rock!

Hey Hey Hey podcast fans. Are you ready to Rock Rock Rock and Roll Roll Roll? This month’s show features all songs with triplet titles in honour of the third podcast in this snazzy new format. Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Go…Hello Hello Hello – from the film Ora Thakey Odhare
Rock Rock Rock – Jimmy Cavallo & the Houserockers
Roll Roll Roll – Guitar Junior
Let’s Go Let’s Go Let’s Go – Hank Ballard & the Midnighters
Go Go Go – The Astronauts
Neat Neat Neat – The Damned
Buzz Buzz Buzz – The Hollywood Flames
Yeah Yeah Yeah – The Vibrators
No No No – Dawn Penn
Please Please Please – James Brown
Cry Cry Cry – the Easybeats
Drip Drip Drip – Spike Jones Orchestra
Víz Víz Víz/Water Water Water (Béla Bartók) –  Desző Ránki
Gone Gone Gone – Charlie Feathers
Run Run Run – The Supremes
Dance Dance Dance – The Casualeers
Shame Shame Shame – Shirley & Company
Girl Girl Girl – The Determinations
Baby Baby Baby – Sam Cooke
Lie Lie Lie – 999
Cry Cry Cry – Johnny Cash
Well Well Well – The Swan Silvertones
Zing Zing Zing – The Dells
Bye Bye Bye – The Clarendonians
Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye – Peggy March

Bonus! Here is that Shirley & Company video I promised… enjoy, enjoy enjoy:


You know, I can recommend a good psychologist…

Have you ever listened to a song and thought “that guy or girl really ought to go see a therapist”? No? Well… here is a collection of songs, just for you, that make me think “hmm, you know, I can recommend a really good psychologist…”
Songs in need of therapy. This month on the Parus radious show.

Don’t Try to Help Me  – The Dogs
He Hit Me (it felt like a kiss) – The Crystals
I Think of Demons – Roky Erickson
Cuckoo – The Monks
Finger Weg von Meiner Paranoia – Element of Crime
Always Crashing in the Same Car – David Bowie
Madmen – Dome
The Bed – Lou Reed
I Am Strange – Sun Ra
Ohia Woa Enwu (Don’t Commit Suicide Because of Poverty) – The Royal Brothers
The Rubber Room – Porter Waggoner
Davy, You Upset My Home – Joe Tex
Jones (oh Jones) – Blind Blake
Psycho – Eddie Noack
I Killed My Best Friend – Le Volume Courbe
Germfree Adolescents – X-Ray Spex
The Big Tragedy – Johnny Lance
Dumb Head – Ginny Arnell
Rock’n’Roll Bells – Louis Jones
Lose My Mind – Cousin Herbert Henson
I Walk on Gilded Splinters – Dr John, the Night Tripper
You Took My Teeth – Nina Simone

(for susan).

The Ancient and Sacred Society of Insomniacs

Episode 1. Long ago, along with a small but elite group of close friends, I became a member of the Insomniac Society. Like many of the most precious things in my life, I have taken an oath of secrecy as to the details of the Order of the Insomniacs… but I can share with you this one golden treasure: a 76 minute long soundtrack to accompany your own insomnia. Sleep tight my friends, and sweet dreams.

Night Owl – Tony Allen & The Champs
Evenin’ –  Jimmy Rushing with the Count Basie Orchestra
Night Theme – The Sound Stylistics
I Walked All Night – The Embers
I Wanna Sleep in Your Arms – The Modern Lovers
Sleep – Little Willie John
I’m So Tired – The Beatles
Sleep Come On and Take Me – The Boswell Sisters
Goodbye Sweet Dreams – Roky Erickson
I Can’t Sleep – The La’s
Lawd, You Made the Night Too Long – Louis Armstrong
In My Dream – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Rock Me To Sleep – Little Miss Cornshucks (Mildred Cummings)
Rock To Sleep  – Horace Andy
Sleep Tight – “The Kid” with Link Wray
Dreaming – Sun Ra & The Cosmic Rays
Midnight Lullaby – Tom Waits
Sleeping Lady and the Giant Who Watches Over Her – Duke Ellington & his Orchestra
Lullaby (2 W 46th Street) – Moondog
Sweet Dreams – Don Gibson
Scarecrow – Paul Robeson
Pearl’s Dream – Brokeback
Canção de Embalar – Jose Afonso
Sound-A-Sleep – Blondie
Where Did the Night Go? – Gil Scott-Heron