Sorry… what was your name again?

I just came from another party filled with people I sort-of know, whose names are just at the tip of my tongue. Sorry Listener… remind me of your name once more? I’m Parus, Parus radious. Nice to meet you.
This week we’ll listen to songs about names and aliases.

Call Me Shorty – Mickey Gilley
Lucky is my Name – Bruce Cloud
Speedoo – The Cadillacs
Game is my middle name – Betty Davis
They Call me Big Mama – Big Mama Thornton
Four Women – Nina Simone
They Call Me Mr Tibbs – Quincy Jones
Dollars and Bonds – Lloyd Charmers
They Call Me a Dreamer – The Starlites
The Joker – Billy Myles
Mr Pitiful – Otis Redding
My Name is Morgan (but it ain’t J.P) – Bob Roberts
Snaggletooth – Motorhead
My Name is Jimmy – Gene Crabbe
(They call me) Cupid – Mickey Woods
(They Call Me a) Wrong Man-  Tony Clarke
Fat Boy –  Billy Stewart
They Call Me the Clown – The Care Package
Arkansas Jane – Elwood James
They Call Me Country – Sanford Clark
They Call me the Champ – Jimmy Preston
Rapper’s Delight (Single Version) – The Sugarhill Gang
You Know My Name, Look Up the Number – The Beatles