Do Koalas Prefer Cake Or Frosting, Generally Speaking?

Part 2 of the great Tree of Life show. This time we delve into the Animal Kingdom and some of its many Phyla, Classes, Orders, Families, Genera and Species. Get ready for some wild romping, hopping, hooting and howling in this special extended mix.

The Animal Parade (excerpt) – Jim Copp & Ed Brown
Singing in the Bathtub – King Benny Nawahi
Do the Jellyfish – Neil Sedaka
The Worm has Turned – Eddie Noack
Do the Clam – Elvis
Boris the Spider – The Who
Scorpion – The Eternals
The Ladybug and the Centipede – Leon Bibb
La Madrague – Brigitte Bardot
Insect Ball – Big Jay McNeely
I’m a Bug – Urinals
The Fly Swatter – D.D.T. and the Repellants
Sao Bien (Starfish) – Le Thu
Stingray – Gary Miller
Saturday Night Fish Fry – The Blue Dots
The Frog – Sir Guy
Rattlesnake – Jimmy Castor Bunch
Little Turtle – Joe Bennett and the Sparkletones
Alligator Come Across – Arlie Duff
Kiwi Song – ?
The Chicken – Ronnie Dawson
Peanut Duck – Marsha Gee
Mockingbird – Charlie & Inez Foxx
Love the Way You Funk – Platypus
Kangaroo Hop – Dee Clark
Armadillo – Swell Maps
Hyena Stomp – Jelly Roll Morton
Tiger Man – Rufus Thomas Jr.
Calling All Cows – Blues Rockers
Crazy Horses – The Osmonds
Whale of a Tale – Wynonie Harris
The Squirrel – Dick Dale
I’m a Man – Spencer Davis Group
Pink Elephants – Sun Ra

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  1. AND! here are the Coelacanth videos I promised. This is a “lobe-finned fish”, an ancient species that we only recently re-discovered after thinking they were extinct. They represent a group of transitional animals that moved aquatic vertebrates up onto the land and into tetrapods:

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