A Dog Gone Show

Hey hey! Welcome back to the Parus radious show after a little summer hiatus. In addition to a summer packed full of great things, there was also a little sadness due to the loss of the greatest dog of all time – the Meta-Dog. In honor of the space-age rock-n-roll mechanical animal, this month’s show features all songs about… dogs! (Don’t worry, I promise there aren’t any sad songs… well maybe one, but I’ll warn you beforehand).

Dog Cat – The Capitols
I had a Little Dog – Big Jack Reynolds
The Boston Puppy – Earl Lett
Ain’t Gonna Walk Your Dog No More – Otis Williams
Big Dog Little Dog – Harvey Hurt
Two-Headed Dog – Roky Erickson
Chihuahua – Bow Wow Wow
Mon Chein – Les Malpolis
I’ll take the Dog – Jean Shepard and Ray Pillow
I’m like a Dog Without a Bone – Joey Gills
I Won’t Hang Around Like A Hound Dog –  Diane Lawrence
Greyhound – Amos Milburn
Moondog – The Treniers
Hellhound on my Trail –  Robert Johnson
Dog War – The Maytals with Prince Buster
Oh Susanna! – The Singing Dogs
DOG (Aint A Mans Best Friend) – Lewis Clark
Same Dog Bit Me – Tommy Elliot
Puppy Love – Ike and Tina Turner
Bow Bow (Life Aint Nothing But Dog Eat Dog)  – Titus Tee Turner
I Didnt Steal Your Dog – Virgie Till
I Wanna Be Your Dog – The Stooges
Howlin’ For My Darling   The Greek Fountains
The Wolf Pack – Kid Thomas
Old Shep – Red Foley

3 thoughts on “A Dog Gone Show

  1. To Meta Dog! The most bionic, most passionate, most adventurous of dogs. You are deeply missed.

  2. Yes, Old Shep is a melancholy song, but the real sad song in this mix is Puppy Love by Ike and Tina Turner.

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