The World After the End of the World

It’s a whole new world! A fresh world made entirely from the smouldering ashes left over after “the end of the world” that never happened. The fizzled out anti-apocalypse. This month on the show we listen to some tunes all about the END of it all…. and the world after the end of the world.


It’s After the End of the World – Sun Ra
Stop The World – Gary Shelton
On that Day – Burning Junior
Atom Bomb – Glenn Barber
The Cave – Johnny Paycheck
Five Years – David Bowie
No Blade of Grass – Roger Whittaker
The Day the World Turned Day-Glo – X-Ray Spex
Watch World War Three (On Pay TV) -The Crown City Four
The End of the World – Skeeter Davis
The End of the World – Aphrodite’a Child
Armagideon Time – Willie Williams
End of the World – Kentrick Patrick
Atomic Bomb – William Onyeabor
War of the Worlds – The Atlantics
Pressure – Celebration
Situation is Facing Total Annihiliation – Nice Face
God’s Gonna Turn Us to Dust – Johnny Tyler
Death Bells at Dawn – The Lords
The World of Gorillas and Monkeys – Brian Ingland
I Hear a New World – Joe Meek and the Blue Men