Off to the land of the ice and snow…

Welcome back listeners. This month I’m off to the land of the ice and snow, with the midnight sun and the hot springs flow. That’s right. It’s an all Iceland-themed show this month. Get your passports and hiking boots ready and I’ll meet you in the blue lagoon!iceMAPsma


Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin
Volcano – Billy Preston
By The Sea – The In-Vaders
Little Volcano – Lloyd Price
Ice Water – Glen Barber
Hot Water – Denny Reed
Iceland – The Fall
Lóa Lóa – Megas
Harbour shark – Pipe & The Pipers
Mister Iceberg – Serge Gainsbourg
The Midnight Sun Will Never Set – Sarah Vaughan
All Night Rock – Glenn Honeycutt
Window Shopping – The Reasons
Erik the Viking – The Bee Kays
Fountain Bliss – The Dynamites
Ice Cold Baby – Marlon “Madman” Mitchell
1000 Miles – Inner Thoughts
The Voice Of Energy – Kraftwerk
Night People – The Leaders
It Pays To Advertise – The Electric Elves
The Volcanic Action Of My Soul – Trenchmouth
Mother Nature – Sins Of Satan
How Do You Like Iceland? – Baggalútur

A Prescription to Rock’n’Roll

Hey there listeners. Got a headache? stomache ache? anxiety? depression? Well, I’ve concocted a special potion just for you, here in my rock’n’roll apothecary. Welcome to the Parus radious drug store. Now, take three bop pills and call me in the morning.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Drugstore Rock’n Roll – Janis Martin
Medicine Man  – Mandingo
Love Potion Number 9  – The Clovers
Make Me A Potion – Hugh Masekela
Mr. Pharmacist – The Fall
Bop Pills – Macy “Skip” Skipper
An Aspirin Would Go Crazy – The Rock
Strychnine – The Sonics
Antacid Cocamotive – Nurse With Wound
Pills – New York Dolls
Mother’s Little Helper- The Rolling Stones
Wonder Drug – Jack Reno
Good Old Chlorophyll – The Rhythm Harmoneers
Caffeine Blues – Gray Matter
Let Me Dream If I Want To (Amphetamine Blues) – Mink Deville
Penicillin – Johnny MacRae
Purple Pill Eater – Wild Ones
Little Yellow Pill – Jackie Lomax
Amphetamine Blue – The Fallen Angels
The Vibrations – I Took an Overdose
Too Many Pills – Arkey Blue
Drug Train – Monsters
Drug – Talking Heads