Dr. Elemento’s Periodic Mix

Dr Elemento invites you to “get chemical” and enjoy these 77 minutes of atom-themed, elemental and ionic music (atomic number 77 = Iridium, in case you were wondering). This month on the Parus radious show (we do periodically tackle such subjects).
dr elemento2

Rock And Roll Atom – Red McCoy With The Sons Of The Soil
The Hydrogen Bomb – Al Rogers with His Rocky Mountain Boys
Pretty Red Balloons – Apollas
Copper Girl – The Maytals
Band of Gold – Freda Payne
Too Much Air Not Enough Oxygen – John Otway
Leadfoot – Don Sargent
Nickel Plated Baby – Amos Milburn
Platinum Blues – Frank Sinatra
Cast Iron Arm – Peanuts Wilson
Tin Can Alley Blues  – Lonnie Johnson
Carbon Copy – Larry Trider
Fluoride – Simon Joyner
Iodine In My Coffee – Muddy Waters
Titanium – Kraftwerk
Nitro – Dick Dale
30 Pieces Of Silver  – Prince Buster
The Sulphur Queen – Johnny Nelms
Goodbye Neon Lies – Bob Lind
Mercury Blues – K.C. Douglas
Only Arsenic – The Rich Kids
Uranium – Commodores
Atomic  – Blondie
Elements  – Tom Lehrer